Some thoughts

I wish I could write down the words floating around in my head. More artfully, at least.

I wish that war would stop and people would stop dying. I wish one side wouldn't attack the other because they believe they're wrong. Each side believes they're right, but it doesn't mean the other sides are wrong. There are people on both sides. They are not animals. They are people like you. They have families and hometowns and probably enjoy sleeping in on a day off too. They probably just want to go home too.

I wish that I could do something for my country. As sarcastic as I often am about being patriotic, I'm actually kind of serious. I feel really cheesy right now but I wish there was something I could do. I don't like to watch Americans suffer, or anyone else for that matter. We're America. We're supposed to be the big cheese, the top dog, the land of the free and the home of the brave... but are we? We're kind of getting taken over by silent enemies. I'd list them in an artful way, but I don't think I could do that without ruining it today. *rolls eyes*

I think that Obama can help us, but he needs to stop talking and start walking. I think his health plan is just idiocy. It's like we're heading down the road to becoming a socialist nation.

We're losing ourselves here. We lose our sense of selves. We party now, for tomorrow we die. We don't. It becomes an assumption here that by the time you are 35, you will be in a rocky marriage with kids, working a 40 hour work week....

Whatever, it's late and I should go to bed. Good night.

There is something more. I am being optimistic, but I know I'm right here. XP

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