Crap I'm watching, reading, playing, or want to watch, read, or play.

Accel world.
Avatar: the last airbender.
Pulp Fiction.
Star Trek original series.
Doctor Who old stuff :)
Tom Baker stuff in particular.
Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.
This old Stephen Hawking stuff I have lying around.
Hunger games.
Phoenix Wright.
Mass effect.


I forgot to tell you!

I got asked to prom after all by my friend Ben who is a junior and also on drum line. He actually made actual homemade cupcakes. :O

More later; must dash; ap bio.


You know what?

I'm actually starting to think that tumblr is really dumb. The reason I got it was cause it's so simple and mindless... but it really is. Nobody writes anything original, really; they just reblog all the cool things that other people write.


Spring break man.

I've done nothing except watch all of Sherlock, which is, in fact, a-frickin-mazing, start up Star Trek original series with my dad (if we watch one a night, it'll take us 3 months to finish haha), and begin actually reading again!!

Know how in the sidebar, I've been stuck on book number three for like, months? That's cause I haven't had the brain power to read at all. Or focus or patience.

And now I do.



Miss Taylor.

It is my best friend Taylor's 18th birthday today.

And I don't know if she's reading this or not, but I can't believe it! We've actually really grown up together. I mean, yeah, there were long stretches where we were apart because you know, we haven't gone to the same school since preschool, but you know what? We always tough it out. She's the only friend I've never really had qualms with. And now finally, after like, 16 years, we're going to the same school again.

Wow dayum.

I blinked when we were eleven years old, at her house for a sleepover, and now we're eighteen and off to college. I never really imagined this happening. Wow.

Happy birthday gorgeous!


I succumbed.

I got a tumblr, for when I feel like posting random shit that's too whimsical for this blog to handle.

Oh, god, what have I done?!


It's spring break.



More reality:


Should I go to prom?

I don't like the idea of prom. It's not that I'm antisocial; I just don't like parties much. I'm not a big fan of going to places where I haven't been specifically invited or specifically needed, otherwise I just feel completely unwanted and retreat into my shell. Conversely... I don't like being the center of attention either, at all. It's weird.

I also don't want to get in one of those dresses and show off my slightly fat arms and back zits. sigh.

so here's my question though...

If a guy I don't really want to go with asks me, should I go with him, even though there's another guy I want to go with who may or may not ask me? and if the guy I want doesn't, should I just go to prom by myself like a lameass or go with the first guy I didn't want to go with over the other guy?

Hypothetically speaking.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

Well, I see you've just had the imponderable joy of stumbling onto the blog of an 18-year-old girl who can't really describe herself in 500 words or less, such as in little text boxes like these. She didn't intend her blog to really become so much like her online diary (she was hoping it would have an interesting, helpful purpose to serve the world and all) but blogging is just kind of fun. This girl's a bit of an environmentalist and a full-tilt vegetarian, a bit of an artist who can't draw, a bit of a writer who can't find time to read, and a completely hopeless romantic. She enjoys white chocolate, coloring, wading in creeks, music, Doctor Who, and speaking in third-person when it's unnecessary like this.

Now go read the rest of the blog and meet her, if you like of course. :)