Should I go to prom?

I don't like the idea of prom. It's not that I'm antisocial; I just don't like parties much. I'm not a big fan of going to places where I haven't been specifically invited or specifically needed, otherwise I just feel completely unwanted and retreat into my shell. Conversely... I don't like being the center of attention either, at all. It's weird.

I also don't want to get in one of those dresses and show off my slightly fat arms and back zits. sigh.

so here's my question though...

If a guy I don't really want to go with asks me, should I go with him, even though there's another guy I want to go with who may or may not ask me? and if the guy I want doesn't, should I just go to prom by myself like a lameass or go with the first guy I didn't want to go with over the other guy?

Hypothetically speaking.


The Conductor said...

Oh dear. :P Here's the deal on prom. My mom didn't go to her senior prom because it was "over-rated" and "juvenile." She still regrets it. It's part of bringing your high school years to a close.
I don't know how your proms work. At my prom I found a group of girls to dance with. No pressure. It was mostly jumping around and waving our arms. It's hot and sweaty, and it's too dark for anyone to see what you look like. And on dates, here's the deal: 1)can you take girls to your prom? That's what I did sophomore year. I had an older girlfriend that didn't like any guys at our high school. Find a friend that doesn't give a shit about guys. 2)Boy scenario: Say you need to give it some time because another date has already shown interest, and you have too. But he didn't commit, and if he doesn't before prom, I'd love to take you. It's a lie. And he knows he's second in line. But it's the most tactful way to do it I think. I had a guy friend with that situation and he just dumped the first girl on her ass. I gave him endless shit for it. It's a really shitty thing to do. But finding a date can be difficult, so keep the interest close. 3) Dresses. I can show you a picture of mine if you like. I'm really particular about it. I don't want to look slutty. I don't want to look fat. And I sure as hell don't want to wear the same dress as someone else. Order super ahead of time online. That way if it doesn't fit you can either get a new one or allow time for alterations. There are dressed that will be flattering on you. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful at their prom. I wish I was there with you, girl. I'm a fucking Mary Kay consultant :P And I know plus size like no one else. I may give you some links to websites that have dresses that are more flattering to ladies like us--not fat... but not scrawny. Seriously. I think you should go. I think you should relax and allow it to be a great night. I could have sworn my senior prom was the best night of my life. Make it yours.

The Conductor said...

that was so long. sorry.

Cypress said...

Number 2 is a genius!!! :O dang.


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