it's prom night, and i'm at home, in bed, studying for ap exams.
my mom got me flowers because she thought i'm upset.
well i'm typing in all lower case like this so i guess i'm a little more upset than i'm letting on to myself.
i just feel kind of let down by life lately, honestly.
i was going to have an anti-prom sleep over with my friend. she couldn't sleep over after all, but she still came until about midnight and we had fun. we drove into the city for a scene change and bought seasoned fries, and watched movies and did our nails.

i almost wish...................
never mind.



I don't really have anything interesting to say, but i would like to take the moment to write about the small things in my life.

1. i've recently become overrun by headaches, diziness, and strange things i notice about my blood pressure. i feel like i'm going to faint a lot. well, maybe i'm dying.
2. i have been doodling a whole lot.
3. i chalked up my entire driveway with a mural of sea, beach, garden, sky, and space. Even though my dad tells me i'm to old for chalk. well screw im. i think the chalk looks nice.
4. my nails are finally painted neon green.
5. i'm reading a book on my ipod touch, which i think is the coolest thing ever.
6. kay bye.


you didn't lose the battle; you won by showing us all what strength is.

Today we lost a friend to leukemia.
I've run out of tears, so now I think it's time to stop dwelling on the negative and think about the positive side.
One, you're not in pain anymore, and your suffering is finally over. And, it's human nature to view death as the opposite of birth. But death isn't necessarily goodbye forever. Death doesn't have to be something sad. It could all be a part of God's big plan, which is a mystery to us, but is definitely good.

As your physical body returns to the earth, I promise, you won't be forgotten.
We'll all move on and be okay.
We don't have anything more to fear.
You've taught us bravery, perseverance, and so much more.
You didn't lose the battle; you won by showing us all what strength is.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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