you didn't lose the battle; you won by showing us all what strength is.

Today we lost a friend to leukemia.
I've run out of tears, so now I think it's time to stop dwelling on the negative and think about the positive side.
One, you're not in pain anymore, and your suffering is finally over. And, it's human nature to view death as the opposite of birth. But death isn't necessarily goodbye forever. Death doesn't have to be something sad. It could all be a part of God's big plan, which is a mystery to us, but is definitely good.

As your physical body returns to the earth, I promise, you won't be forgotten.
We'll all move on and be okay.
We don't have anything more to fear.
You've taught us bravery, perseverance, and so much more.
You didn't lose the battle; you won by showing us all what strength is.


The Conductor said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. You never really get over those things, but you do move on. You go around them.

Stephanie said...

Hey, I have lost my mom to cancer and two best friends to freak accidents. A few weeks ago, I saw Rabbit Hole. I would highly recommend it when you are having an especially tough day. In the oddest way, it is the best portrayal of grief i have ever seen and it brought me a great deal of comfort. The video has been removed of the scene, but you can try to find it with the label of "brick" on youtube. And you can read my full post here, http://stephanieebr.blogspot.com/search/label/grief

As stupid as the phrase, "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger" is, there is a truth to it. I am a stronger and better person from learning from myself and the extremely inspirational lives of others. I hated most advice I was ever given when grieving (another one of my favorite quotes by Shakespeare I posted below) and I know i am a complete stranger, but hang in there. You'll get through it; I promise.

"you cant treat madness with rules or bind up insanity with little silken threads... every man thinks its his duty to advise those who are overwrought with sorrow to be patient. but no man is so moral or strong that they can endure the same advice when they themselves are grieving. so don’t advise me. my sorrow is crying too loudly to hear what you have to say." -leonato, much ado about nothing (modern translation)

Cypress said...

ohhh thanks both of you. yeah, it sucks to lose someone in band... ok well this is going to sound corny but when you're in something as tight as marching band, losing one of your own is like losing an actual family member. Thanks so much for the sympathy. I'll check out Rabbit Hole.


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