it's prom night, and i'm at home, in bed, studying for ap exams.
my mom got me flowers because she thought i'm upset.
well i'm typing in all lower case like this so i guess i'm a little more upset than i'm letting on to myself.
i just feel kind of let down by life lately, honestly.
i was going to have an anti-prom sleep over with my friend. she couldn't sleep over after all, but she still came until about midnight and we had fun. we drove into the city for a scene change and bought seasoned fries, and watched movies and did our nails.

i almost wish...................
never mind.


The Conductor said...

You didn't go to your senior prom? Oh, honey. That's one you'll regret. I hate most of the people in my school, but I loved the people I went with! And that's what mattered. I danced with the same guy all night because he's the only one I liked (even as a friend). But I went. And I had a blast. I'm sorry you didn't want to. :( Sometimes it's nice to just be a kid and do what kids do.

Cypress said...

nope, i'm a junior haha. I'm going to go to senior prom. hopefully.

Higgenbottom said...

Aw, your mom sounds so thoughtful! Sounds like you had a great nite with your friend anyway. Prom is really no big deal. I went because my mom wanted me to. She said I'd regret it if I didn't go. I'm still "meh" over it. The memories I cherish over high school consist of being with my closest friends and having a great time wherever we were.


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