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Recently I found Anna's Much Love Monday Project. I think this is a brilliant idea and plan to take part in it every month.

So here it is... I love: art. So I made this all out of red writing/painting utensils. Despite this, I still suck at art and photography, however, I had fun doing it.

I have nothing else interesting to put up, but they say a picture paints a thousand words, right? sorry... bad pun I guess. Goodnight everyone.



This week, I was home for winter break, so my younger half-siblings asked me to make cookies for their holiday parties. I made four batches of cookies and put them in cheerful holiday bags, then sent my siblings off to school. Later, my dad got a call from a worried parent of their friends, who had seen the three of them leave school in the wrong direction, and had followed them. Apparently, they were leaving all of the cookies outside of the homeless shelter. I have truly never been prouder. MLIA.

Not written by me, but probably my favorite thing off MLIA.


4:56 PM

I hate it when nail polish is a different color in the bottle than it is on your hands.

For the record, I also hate blisters.


beautiful things

Lately I've totally gotten back into catching up with the blog community and reading all sorts of art, photography, books, fashion, whatever blogs. One thing people write about a lot is inspiration and beauty. They write about beautiful clothes, colors, photos, cities, rooms, pieces of furniture, art, songs, books, poems, jewelry, people... If I were a poet, I would say this prettily and artfully, but as you all know my attempts are kind of flops, so I'll just say it straight out.

I think the prettiest thing in life is people. Feeling small, humbled. Watching the world go by and realizing it doesn't give a two shits about you, but in an okay way. You're one piece in the puzzle- just one. You walk among strangers daily. People hold doors for you, make small talk in line at the checkout, people dish out random compliments- "nice shoes," "love that dress" "cute shirt" or whatever. I dunno. I'm kind of not being clear. But I think it's just people in the world that are beautiful.

Yes we're dumb and selfish and narrow minded assholes. But we can be nice too. There are so many of us, and while some of us are similar no one is the same. You feel unimportant but you are special.

If you leave, you are the missing piece of the giant puzzle that is life.

The world may rush by you and there are days when life just sucks but your life is special. Everyone's lives are special. It's how people use their lives, their gifts, their talents, and their compassion that makes life beautiful.
I love walking through a giant crowd in an unfamiliar place. I especially love airports and train stations. People going a hundred different places leading completely different lives from you... It's just... beautiful. Feeling a clean slate. Where no one knows you, no one can judge you, because you are just one of a thousand people someone will pass today.
Maybe I didn't say that right, but I think it had to be said.



...Ebbs and flows.

Like everything else in life.



Watch this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_X7SvvSgxM, then read the post.

Basically that is a clip from the show V. Anna, the dark haired lady, is the leader of those people you see, visitors from space. She is controlling and manipulative and fools the people of earth into thinking that the visitors will help them.

However, when I first watched that I was totally mesmerised. The track in the background is called Svefn-g-englar by an Icelandic band called Sigur Ros. I watched it again and again (I saw it online), realizing I shared the reaction of all of Anna's followers.

Then I realized... how many things do we follow just because they look beautiful or right? What if they are different underneath the skin, what if they're wrong and trying to look right? When are we pulled in by the prospect of peace, protection, happiness? Never being alone? No hunger, no death? No regrets...

How can we tell if what we're following is good or bad just by looking at it?


Happy Windsday!

Today reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery day. Basically Gopher tells Pooh that it's "Winds-day" and Pooh goes around wishing everyone a "happy Winds-day." The whole animated short takes Pooh on crazy wild adventures where he dreams of Heffalumps and Woozles stealing his honey as the Hundred Acre Wood floods in a rainstorm overnight. He "rescues" piglet and gets a hero party thrown for him, meets all of his friends at Christopher Robin's, sings, dances, la dee da...

What a lovely life.

Today it's windy and a Wednesday, aka Winds-day, but my day will be nowhere near as interesting as Pooh's was. Shame.



I have generally nothing interesting to say, and I think my inspiration spark has died.

My apologies.

Bye now lovey.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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