I know, I'm so lame. But when you're at a lab waiting for your stupid gel to be done running, you've got nothing to do. So I logged on to MSN looking for games and I found Cake Mania. I was like, ah, this looks fun!

Do not play it!

It is addicting as hell! Then, I had to finish it when I got home too, just couldn't leave it alone. I wasted most of my evening on it... and now, my fingers hurt, and I have had the living hell annoyed out of me. The last level is impossssible and the people are even bitcher than me, which is crazy. And so effing annoying because they leave and you've got all their cakes lying around that you were just about to give to them and the next people in line are fuming... I was about to throw the effing computer across the room! Not really, but...I'm trying to wind down and chill my mind... Rrrr.

I'm all stressed out all over again.


Do not play Cake Mania. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

XD XD XD it's very tempting to find that game from MSN and play it. Haha.



Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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