My Week In Pictures (and some words too)

This is a plastic coin of my sister's that she bought as a souveneir on a field trip. Look closely. It says, "George Washington" and it has his face on it. Then, in the left corner, it says... "CHINA." America, where is your patriotism? *sigh*

This is the free expression tunnel which is right next to where I go for my internship. I love this place. If I were actually good at art, had access to some spray paint, and a place to paint, I'd so be a graffiti artist. We have a tunnel near my house, but the stupid town won't let it become a free expression tunnel. They must be afraid of teenagers.

I saw this as I was driving home one day. Note the license plate. "TWILITE." ... Are you fuckin' kidding me?? Stephanie Meyer, you have poisoned everyone's mind with your horrible books! My god!

My poor neighbor's cat passed this week. The one I was cat sitting for? Yea. Poor her. She didn't have a lovely death. She had a growth in her stomach, and she couldn't eat or anything like that. I had to give her medicine and make her special food, and clean up when she missed the litter box... again. Poor kitty. I'm going to miss her. This is the card we bought for my neighbor. She is a wreck. It says "On the other side of the bridge to forever, our animal friends wait for us." Awww.

And, it flooded here this week. This is the road that we (my dad and I) took to internship/work. If I were to go wading in it, I'd probably be about waist deep. Yech. That's from all the runoff of the development site up the road, which has been "in progress" for almost two years now. And they ripped down one of the most beautiful trees in the world. It makes me sad to write that. Poor tree.

My sister's birthday is also today, but I have no pictures for that. Also, my other sister has a piano recital this week, the one that she's only practiced about twice for. My brain is totally dead. I've had a stressful week. And, best of all, there is still leftover cookie cake downstairs from my sister's birthday slumber party. Score!

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You amuse meh, hehe.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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