Movies are stupid.

It's not fair.

Let's think. In every Disney movie, the heroine either starts out as a complete total nobody, or a mega-hottie princess. Think on it. And in just about every Disney movie with one of these, that stupid girl falls in love and gets married in the end.

Let's think some more... Cinderella gets Prince Charming, Jasmine gets Aladdin, the Beauty gets her Beast, miss Megara gets Hercules (whose name should really be Heracles if it's set in Greece), Ariel gets Prince Eric, Mulan gets Shang, Briar Rose/Aurora/Sleeping Beauty gets Prince Phillip, Snow White gets her prince who apparently has no name, Maid Marian gets Robin Hood, Nala gets Simba, Minnie obviously gets Mickey, Esmeralda gets Captain Phoebus, Faline gets Bambi, Jane gets Tarzan, oh my god I could go forever.

And Cypress gets......


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Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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