I feel trapped.

Over the summer, my world shrinks. No marching band competitions, no school, fewer oboe lessons, less friends houses because they're all away, etc. Life is just so boring over the summers. I'm lonely. I have my sisters to hang with and that's it. And my grandmother, but it's awkward because for some reason, we've never quite clicked and I never know what to talk about. And I feel bad because I know that we should click, but... I dunno.

I start my internship on Monday, and that's at a university about 30 minutes away. Then, maybe my world will grow a little bit. My dad leaves around 7:30 for work, and he wants to take me on the way. Maybe I'll hang there downtown for an hour or so, get breakfast or whatever at some little cafe, then scoot on down to the campus and all that.

But still, I feel trapped. My friend had a birthday party two days ago and I saw some friends, and today was senior graduation and I had to go with the band to play Pomp and Circumstance a million zillion times... and still I'm just kind of lonely. I get like one or two emails a day, either from my mom nagging me about something, band broadcasts, bible readings, chain mails my sister sends me... I've emailed some people but they just won't email back. I mean, I know people have lives, but still. Same with texting and whatever... This is like, a trend. My friends just won't talk to me. *sigh* Whatever. I'm tired of caring about it, I'm tired of worrying about it. I think I just worry too much.

Ugh, I dunno. I'm just lonely, bored, and feeling trapped. Hopefully this will all change in a few days. *dies*

Oh, also, I went chalking in the driveway yesterday. Perhaps I shall post pictures. If I feel like it.

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