Thus, she eats her words...

And a whole lot of tasty snow. XP Yup, it finally snowed! This is so great! They predicted, like, 1-3 inches where I am, and we got six! I've never seen so much snow in my life. This is so great.

And this is the part where I bombard you with pictures.

I took this one (on the right, der) at like seven in the morning. They had it on the TV that we weren't going to school this morning but I'm an idiot and forgot to unset my alarm, so guess when I got on. Wheehoo. Either way, it was kind of like waking up and remembering it's Christmas morning. I felt like a little kid. I peeked out behind the curtain and took this picture. I apologize for the bad quality, the lighting was terrible and I did what I could to adjust.

My sister made me take a picture of her boot print. What a nut. And she tried to get me to take a picture of her butt print. I thought only brothers asked for that sort of thing! Augh. She's so weird....

These are the woods behind my house. Maybe you know what I'm talking about Taylor. Not exactly behind, kinda next-door. But anyways. This is them. It was so pretty today, I wish I could have gotten some pictures when it was actually snowing. But I was too busy having fun in it. =)

And this is a picture of the sunset in our backyard. I love this because you can see all the colors of the sunset, but you can see the snow too. I think words fail me, and you'll have to see what I saw through a crappy little picture on here. Enjoy.

The picture does this one no justice at all. I took it from the bottom of the street, and although you can't see any snow in it I think it's a great picture. so all in all it was a pretty beastly day. No school today, no school tomorrow. No exams tomorrow either! Yay!

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Taylor said...

Mmm, beautiful! I'm going to post some pictures soon - prolly tomorrow - so stay tuned!


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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