The Keeper of the Keys


My next-door neighbor is moving out and they were packing up their stuff. They had two piles- a move, and a sell. And, as I'm walking up the road coming home from school one day, I see this dusty old piano keyboard propped up against a box. So I stroll nonchalantly up the driveway and knock politely on the front door. The lady answers. I say hello, make small talk, and whatever. Then, hey, are you selling that keyboard? I jerk my thumb in its general direction. She says that she is. I ask her how much she wants for it. She thinks for a moment, stroking the imaginary goatee on her two chins. 25K, she jokes. Or just 25 is fine. I whip out my spare change from lunch money and dash into the house to steal the extra fifteen from my dad. And whabam. It's mine.

Bwahahaha. I am now the keeper of the keys.

And yes I had fun playing around on the photo editor thingy. XP But this thing is just so bitchin' cool.


Taylor said...

ROFL, you amuse me.

Tania said...

You got a keyboard?
Awesome!!! =)
I just got a piano too. LOL


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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