Thought you might also like to know...

That my math teacher still wears the same shirt every friday.

You know, it's kind of funny... usually, it annoys me, disgusts me, or strikes me as hilariously funny. And we're all snickering in the corner and he usually doesn't notice. Or at least, he pretends not to.

But today, it was comforting. My audition is tomorrow and I'm scared as hell. For anyone who still reads this may be familiar with what that is, but if not, just email me I guess. Anyways... maybe it's like a security blanket to him. Wearing that same shirt. I just felt a bit depressed today and somehow him wearing that same shirt is comforting. (And gross. But comforting.)

I don't really know how to describe it. I woke up in a strange mood. I felt like the world was crashing down, everything was changing, and it finally hit me that I'm not a little kid anymore and my parents aren't going to always be here. I'm not going to have high school teachers, eventually I'm going to have college teachers, and then, none at all. I might feel like I'm stressed out right now because I've got an audition and two projects due this monday. But one day, I could be auditioning for a job in music, for real, and I could have real projects in an actual job due. It made me feel so small, like everything is changing for the worst. But when I came to school and saw him wearing that same shirt, it felt like everything would be just fine if I had that one anchor that he possibly clings to himself. We could be about to be annihialated by an atom bomb or something and he'd still wear that shirt. And if everything is going to change in my life, my lame geometry teacher wearing the same shirt can be the one thing I can expect, one of the few things I can always depend on.

And then my crappy mood was gone. Because if anything in the world could be my one constant, my dorky, geeky geometry teacher and his favorite shirt could.

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Taylor said...

Uh! I feel offended. Am I not a constant? :p Yeah, probably not...


Yes, things are changing...it sucks. My mum was talking about how Gran was happy that Kelly (blech) was going to do the Honors Program at her college, and I'm sitting here thinking that she's probably not going to be here to see me go off to college. And Pony this summer...



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