Nature's Grace

I just saw some of the most beautiful things in the world, right in my own yard. I don't have to travel to find beauty, nor to some far-off beach or some high mountain top on the other side of the world. I don't doubt those places are beautiful nonetheless, but I have just found beauty right at my own home.

Jeez, how could I have been so stupid? Look at that rainbow, but not just that. Look at the sky, the trees swaying in the breeze, the clouds floating by... I am so lucky to live in a place like this. I just took that picture about twenty minutes ago in a sunshower (a downpour where the sun still shines). And then when it was over, I turned around into the backyard and watched the sun go down. I never really looked at a sunset at my own home in that much depth- there are so many colors.

I feel so bigheaded. How could I have never seen all of nature's splendor here? I'm always wishing I was somewhere else, more beautiful... Sure, places like Santorini and Ireland and Australia and Scotland and Hawaii and Brazil and Russia and Japan are beautiful... but my own home has its own certain radiance to it, and I don't think I'll truly realize it until I'm gone.

Lesson of the day - take time to open your eyes, shrink your head, and shut up for a few moments to listen to what Mother Earth is trying to tell you.


Taylor said...

Very nice lesson...I agree. The rainbows' arches were right over our house, it was so cool.

Jules said...

Hey, anyone who can appreciate the beauty of where they are right now is always going to be able to find happiness. You are right tho, Australia is very beautiful too :)


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