Basic math facts...

Chocolate = Good. Good= Pie. But Chocolate =/= Pie. WTF?

Shall we try another one?

I didn't think so.

Ugh... I don't know how much more my puny brain can take of this exam stuff. Not cool. Exams = Not Cool. Not Cool = Stress. But guess what? Exams = Stress! YESSSS!

And thus, we have reached our conclusion to this day's basic math lesson. *falls over and dies*


Shinichi-kun said...

your first equation is off only in the fact that chocolate sometimes equals pie, and that the good levels of chocolate are often much lower than the good levels of pie, lol. as for exams=stress i know about that all to well.

Taylor said...

ROFL that made me laugh so hard...I agree. Exams = Stress

Henry = Stress

World = Crazy

Yep. Henry = Stalker, Stalker = Stress, and World just manages to equal crazy anyway you put it.


Don't worry, ONE MORE FRICKIN' WEEK until we get to switch classes, whuppie.


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