I vote for snow

My sister, bouncing into my room at around seven in the morning : "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMGWAKEUPCYPRESSGUESSWHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!"

Moi, croaking like a damp sponge sliding down a wall: "Whazza- wha?"


God this girl reminds me of a rabid squirrel. Moi: "Um, right."

My rabid squirrel sister squeals : "Nuh-uhhhhh! Two whooooole inches!"

Those of you who know me, I'm sure you guessed already which sister this is. *sigh*

She continues: "And we aren't gonna have school tomorrow because it's gonna snow!"

What is this... snow... she speaks of? Here? In the south? I highly doubt it. I'm highly cynical in the mornings. They should be illegal.

Moi: "Whatever. Let me go back to sleep."

As if that's gonna happen.


Tania said...

Eh. It would be wonderful if it really did snow, huh? But it would suck if we didn't go to school cuz then we probably need to go on Friday and I would rather go to school tomorrow than Friday... Definitely.

But then again.. I haven't studied for the finals yet so I dunno... LOL

Taylor said...

An extra day of studying would be welcome....


Er, yeah...not much of a chance for snow today, but there is tomorrow.

Taylor said...

Oh,yes, sponges don't croak, even if they ARE sliding down a wall.

Shinichi-kun said...

lol 2 whole inches, we don't even get a delay for 5 up here. 2 inches gets us nothing, you ppls suck lol

Taylor said...

OMG dude. I just realized that you didn't put Ireland as an interest! OMG! GO DO IT! OMG!!!!!!



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