Self-Portrait Tuesday

Recently I descovered the true meaning of an awesome site - http://www.selfportraitchallenge.net/. Which is an awesome idea, in addition to an awesome site.
So... recently they've moved to Flickr (www.flickr.com/groups/selfportraitchallenge/ - sigh) so I'll start with January's, then run back and do some of the really old ones! This month's theme is album covers, but I switched it up and made a movie poster instead. Click it to see the actual words. (Handy-dandy maker courtesy of bighugelabs.com/flickr/poster.php)

Try it. I'm already having so much fun. But then... I'm supposed to be doing a million extra credit math problems, so anything is fun compared to that 0_o Please dear Lord(/Lady) kill me now.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Yeah. I'm like mindlessly wandering around the internet at this time of the night. XD Not so smart. I have bunch of tests tomorrow too. *sigh*


Shinichi-kun said...

ummm, what kind of NC-17 movie has a child on the cover, that fairly scary and im not quite sure its legal either, they should't have children on movie setswith that stuff on it lol. but it still looks good

Taylor said...

Wait...I'm kind of confused...Did you make that? And yeah, why is it NC-17?? Cyyyyyyyyypresss.....No pedophilia.

Cypress said...

One, because I was too stupid to figure out how to change it. There is no number two. XP I guess it could go for language, haha.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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