my favoritest names. ever.

Soooo. I can't think of a good introduction for this or justify why I was thinking about this, but if/when I have kids, here are the names I'd consider. Because they're my favorite.

Boys: Alexander/Alex, Owen, James, Thomas/Tommy, Adam, Cody, Reece, Noah, Dylan, Rory, Robin, Oliver, Riley, Charles/Charlie, Elijah, Kieran, Aiden

Girls: Celeste, Holly, Ruby, Willow, Raina, Leah, Chloe, Sienna, Hayley, Natalie, Luna, Scarlet, Alice, Nicole, Norah, Amelia, Anna, Ariana, Lily, Miya

And that's it.

(listening to) The Cars, and that playlist to your right
(schedule) Band camp for the next two days, then job training for new job at an Indian restaurant.
(fingernails) Look like crap; in desperate need of a manicure.
(mood) Tired, Eager, Confused, Curious, Contemplative

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Searching Life said...

haha we share the most favorite names too! That's cool.

My friend's nephew is named Dillon. Spelled differently, but I still love the name. Though I have to say that Aiden is one of my top favorite names from that list.

I love the name Lily for some reason. always have, probably always will. Same with Hayley.

I have a cousin named Adaire. Everyone calls her Addie. But I like the full name better (same applies for Madeline/Maddie). I am just weird like that.

Random fact: I was a twin. If she had survived, she would have been Sarah and I would have been Samantha. I have always been attached to those names, even before I knew of the twin thing.

But I also have a thing for names with a Biblical meaning. There is just something awesome about that.
James = Greek version of Hebrew name Jacob, meaning "he who follows"

Anna= Greek version of Hebrew name Hannah, meaning "grace"
I have a friend named Annalise, a variant of this, and I just love it.

Better than my name, Jennifer Marie, which essentially means "white phantom of bitterness" XD


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