things, part 2 (things to do)

Panic has just set in with my AP summer assignments. For English, I have to read 1984 and Invisible Man and complete a reading journal for both, read 2 poems and write two pages on each of them, then read How to Read Literature like a Professor (HTRLLAP) and do all these little assignments that go with it, which I've heard are a bitch. It doesn't sound too bad, but it's taken me the entire summer to leisurely complete 1984 and most of its journal and half of Invisible Man. So panic is setting in, because that's all due this Friday. 0.o Not to mention my AP Bio assignment, which is due when school starts the next thursday. OMG!

So I need to set my priorities straight and stop screwing around. This is going to be excessively personal and I'm sorry about that, but I need somewhere that I can just lay out my thoughts really fast, as well as keep to my soul searching and blog duties. (haha. duties, like doodies. trololol.)

Anyway, here's my list of things to do short term.

Today - finish Invisible Man, get a good chunk of the reading journal done, and start finishing up the 1984 journal. Also, fold the mountains of laundry and tidy up room.

Tomorrow - finish reading journals, and then do the poetry part. All day is up for working tomorrow.

Tuesday - not worry about Colin (who said he'd try his luck asking that girl out), marching band 5-8, finish poetry part or whatever's left from the other days, and get seriously cracking on the HTRLLAP.
Also picking up little sister from wherever she needs to be picked up from.

Wednesday - work 11-2, marching band 5-8, further serious cracking on HTRLLAP.

Thursday - work 11-12, marching band 5-8, wrap up everything.

Friday - work 11-2, environmental youth council meeting 2-5, marching band 5-8, final stressing over assignment, and SUBMIT.

Saturday - study group for AP Bio, and commence stressing about AP Bio.

The following is a list of things I was previously concerned with but will now no longer be worrying about for this week:
1. Practicing Japanese.
2. Playing piano.
3. Practicing drawing, keeping a sketchbook.
4. Worrying about boys.
5. Soul searching.
6. Studying for the SAT/ACT.
7. Working out and actually losing weight.
8. Some inkling of a social life.
9. College applications.
10. Everything other than AP English, work, and marching band.

While I'm here... perhaps some long term goals for the year.
oh screw it, I'm too stressed. Back to completing my extensive to-do list and getting as far ahead as I possibly can bye.


The Conductor said...

Speaking as someone with an anxiety disorder... whoah whoah whoah!

Girl take a deeeeep breath.

Here's what you need to do:

Take a notebook (not a planner. A planner is for events and meeting times) and give page a day for the next two months. At the top of each page have six stars. In the middle of the page have *Bonus* and at the bottom have *Time*. Here's what you're going to do:

By each of the six stars have things you're going to accomplish that day. Don't include anything in your planner. Dates and events aren't included. Just TASKS. You can only reasonably commit to 6. If you give yourself more, then you're going to be disappointed in yourself and lose confidence. Only 6. They could be:
AP English--finish journal and three chapters.
AP Bio--complete homework for the week
House--clean my room and bathroom
Fitness--Run a mile
Emotional Well-Being--blog, pray, read for pleasure
For others--call my grandma and say hi

Just an example. It's important to put academics first, your sanity second, physical well being third, emotional well-being fourth, and others last. Always. If you have more homework, that knocks off others. If you have more than THAT, it knocks off leasure time. But you should always have working out. It makes you feel better about yourself and it burns negative energy. Make sure not to do more than six. If you are stressing that you can't add another, put it on the next day. You have more days in the week.

And when you're overwhelmed NO TV ALLOWED. Police yourself. You're going to be so much more productive. You may think it helps you. It doesn't. It only goes into your spare time or if you get everything done. Only.

The middle section is Bonus. Add more things you'd like to work on if you finish your six stars. You'll feel like a boss when you complete both lists. It's important not to do anything bonus before you do your 6 though.

Time. Take everything in your six and generalize it.
Homework: 3 hours
Cleaning: 20 minutes
Fitness: 10 minutes
me time: 1 hour
you time: 1 hour

When you really look at that, it only comes down to about 5 1/2 hours. Most likely, some of those things will be far less than that. For instance, cleaning your room may only take 5 minutes. So AT MOST you're spending 5 hours. If you work out before school starts, and you get home at 3:30, you can be done getting things done at 9:00 pm. Then look at bonus or watch TV or whatever. But in that time you've already included taking care of yourself.

This plan saved my life. It makes me see how unreasonable I am sometimes. I always put 3 hours for my homework and it's usually 45 minutes. Also, if you get a ride to and from school, read on the way. They counts for time too! Be disciplined, though. Or it won't work. Put that little notebook right by your bed and do it every morning. Even if you're running late. You'll be happier.

Cypress said...

0.o that's suchhhh a great idea *grabs notebook* Girl you are my savior this week. thankyouthankyouthankyou!


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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