The opposite of the fear of heights.

This summer, I fell in love with the sky.

There's just something so enchanting and beautiful about an endless expanse of light and water and clouds. It's just... amazing. When I went to Florida, it's very flat there, and all you can see is the sky for miles and miles. So I just did what I always do, took out my red camera, slipped on my metaphorical fanny pack, and snapped pictures like a crazed tourist. Here are some of my little gems.

When I look up to the sky, I always wonder, like wtf am I doing down here on the ground? I should be up there. Flying.

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Searching Life said...

O_O ITS BEAUTIFUL! Too bad Arizona doesn't usually look anything like that. But we get amazing sunsets, so I guess I can't complain.

I've always wanted to fly. Now that I think of it, who WOULDN'T want to fly?!


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