okay, maybe i complain too much.

I deleted the last post, because I was really mad and posted it from my iPod and it was all just angst with no literary value whatsoever (unlike the rest of this extraordinary masterpiece of a blog).

Life isn't as bad as I make it sound; I'm actually quite well off and need to think about how lucky I am.

Even though sometimes that doesn't make me feel any better. Just guilty. Cause, it's like, I should be happy, but I'm not. What a brat I am.
Yeahhhh bout that.

While I'm here, I figure I'll post this little gem i found that describes my life.

talk to her, she's a girl.
the reason she doesn't talk first is
because she has this vision of a boy who
will go out of his way for her.

Oh well. C'est la vie.
(listening to) Ellie Goulding, Florrie
(recently bought) Matryoshka doll necklace
(mood) Pensive, Wistful
(only feels like) Drawing, writing

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Searching Life said...

I guess this means I complain too much as well. Once again, you summarize the story of my life.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

Well, I see you've just had the imponderable joy of stumbling onto the blog of an 18-year-old girl who can't really describe herself in 500 words or less, such as in little text boxes like these. She didn't intend her blog to really become so much like her online diary (she was hoping it would have an interesting, helpful purpose to serve the world and all) but blogging is just kind of fun. This girl's a bit of an environmentalist and a full-tilt vegetarian, a bit of an artist who can't draw, a bit of a writer who can't find time to read, and a completely hopeless romantic. She enjoys white chocolate, coloring, wading in creeks, music, Doctor Who, and speaking in third-person when it's unnecessary like this.

Now go read the rest of the blog and meet her, if you like of course. :)