well, this rots.

Fuck my old crush. Fuck my suitors. They can get pregnant for all I care, just not me.

Imagine that for a reputation. The girl that got three guys pregnant. *sigh*


And the sad thing is, it's all my fault. It's my fault I'm still single and that I'm rotting in my bedroom for it. This is not right. We're freaking fourteen and we're using terms "single" and "dating." All the same... I wonder if they lie awake in bed late at night wondering what on earth they're going to do about me, too.

Well, this rots.


Taylor said...

Guys bite, I know, but they're so beast! :D

The girl that got three guys pregnant...It could be worse. You could be Eric. He gets himself pregnant, ROFL.

Eh, being in a relationship is overrated. It's too stressful, ROFL.

Of course, Matthew's now jealous that I'm having fun without him, but seriously, I didn't have fun with him. :D

Taylor said...

You have me, anyway! WTF, feeling the love. You ain't single!


Or are we still divorced? I'm so confused, haha.

Cypress said...

I have no idea... wanna get married again to be safe? XP


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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