Ten best things from Hot Topic

In my humble opinion. Not in any particular order. I was bored and online, and these are the coolest things I found. These are from hottopic.com, so click the links to see the pretty pictures.

1. Charlie the Unicorn Sparkle Tee. Featuring teh magical amulet on teh back, muaha.

2. A Fine Mess Neon Zebra Hoodie. Featuring a ZEBRA on the back. WORD.

3. Peace Heart Printed Belt.

4. Turquoise And Pink Stripe Hair Extensions 2 Pack. I could never wear this but it's still so cool.

5. Black Tuxedo Fedora. I've already got two (haha) but I think I'm drooling...

6. Star Cluster Earrings. I'm so lame. XP

7. Rainbow Checkered Bandana.

8. White Three Row Metallic Rainbow Pyramid Stud Belt. I own this one, it's my very favorite thing.

9. Silver Beaded Draped Bracelet. 0_0

10. Black and White Striped Knee-High Socks. I'm a sucker for knee-highs.

Hot topic, this is amazing stuff you have here. Who agrees and is now inspired to make their own list? XP

I'm so vain.

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Taylor said...

HEY! That's the fedora I want!

But they don't have it in the store...because they fail.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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