Ten I like colors to paint my nails, so there.

Sorry to any guys who don't paint their nails. XP

1. Black. All-purpose, so there. Personal favorite.

2. White. Equally all-purpose. Also personal favorite.

3. Green, cause green is freaking cool. Mix with blue if you want to be even freaking cooler, or have a lot of nail polish and a decent dixie cup that won't bleed through. (You can do that with any colors. For instance... red sparkles and black, purple and blue, etc. Have fun.)

4. Blue, because... yeah.

5. Red, no questions.

6. Purple, now how many people do you see walking around with purple nails?

7. Sparkly. Any cool color, add silver sparkles. Any warm color, add gold. End of story.

8. Clear. Clear is good. And shiny. 0_o

9. Silver. One of my personal favorites.

10. Au naturale. The best of all. XP Add dirt under them for that hippie look if that's what you desire. haha! Plus, this is also the best because you don't have to deal with the smell or wait for them to dry. Ah, the things a lady will do to be beautiful... or not... *sigh*

PS. Use sharpies too. Or white-out (even though you'll probably get high or something, use your good judgement and no sniffing cause I don't want to be responsible for that if you're dumb enough to actually try what I suggest). Amen.


Kayla. said...

thanks for the blog comment.
i'm really glad you like it! :D

-kayla. :)

Anonymous said...

haha. I love white nail-polish. =) But they never look good on my nails...


Taylor said...

White out...Geez. I almost died of white out, heh. I scared myself to death.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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