movie/book mini review

I have taken the liberty to reread Eragon and Eldest and steal my friend's Brisingr. Simply because I haven't read it yet.

But here's the thing. Where the heck is George Lucas in all this? Eragon/Eldest is exactly like Star Wars. Think about it. Eragon has a secret sibling he doesn't know about, he lives in a time where "The Empire" reigns. (That is so cheesy.) He falls in love with an ambassador (senate member, whatever, and that would be Anakin Skywalker, not Luke, but whatever!), realizes his father is a "bad guy," has a wise old mentor who dies, then goes to complete his training in a far off land with an even wiser guy who tutored his first wise old mentor, uses "the force," if you will, flies everywhere, has a million zillion traveling companions he just picks up, knows his mother is dead but not who his father is, has a guy that everyone thinks is a hoot watching him from afar, lives with his aunt and uncle and they die because their farm was burned or whatever, he is the first of a powerful race in a long time (Jedi/Dragon Rider), has to use his mind a whole lot, blah blah. He rescues a beautiful princess in the lair of the bad guys, gets secret messages from her, unites with a secret galactic senate or whatever (once again an Anakin Skywalker reference but whatever), and oh, gosh, there's so much more. It's a wonder George Lucas hasn't sued Paolini yet or something.

On the other hand, while the plot was very predictable and mocked Star Wars, those two books are extremely well written. Paolini's style of writing is wonderful, very descriptive, very good. Some of you might disagree but mesa likes it. XP

And the movie section of all this?

Waste of money. Don't go see it, kiddles.

Yeah. Don't get me started on how bad it was. It was a waste of six dollars, don't even think about it. Like really. Erase it from your mind. Right now.

Okay, I'm done. Byebye.


Shinichi-kun said...

yay, finnaly someone who agrees with me lol

Taylor said...

The movie seriously did suck...

And I never thought about the books that way, but you're right!




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