Picture this.

You're walking down the 200 hall after school, headed to drivers' ed.

You liked him all last year. Maybe you're finally over it at last.

You turn the corner into the stairwell. And there, at the top of the stairs, is the beautiful boy you were once and might still be madly in love with.

Then, he kisses that girl tenderly on the lips and they walk down the stairs together, hands intertwined. They blow past you, laughing at some inside joke you'll never know. They don't even notice you.

You stand dumbfounded. It's like in the movies, where the guy gets shot but hardly notices until he sees the blood soak through his shirt.

They turn out of sight as he puts his arm around her. You choke back a sob, and dash upstairs, eyes to the ground. You find your friends who are chattering happily but you don't even try to join in. They don't notice you're shaking, they don't notice you've been out of breath for the past two minutes, or that you look like you're about to throw up.

So you excuse yourself to go get some water, when really all you do is sit in a corner and just cry.

You really thought you were over him.

But maybe you were wrong.

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