so i'm looking for a summer job.

My life's kind of failing right now. It sort of sucks, because I'm unemployed and broke, sucking enough at life to deserve an SAT tutor :B , a little bit too fat for my own tastes, not eligible for too many scholarships because I suck, etc, etc. And I'm kind of tired of failing at life. Soooooooooooo, here are some goals I'm contemplating, short-term, and long-term.

1. Get a freaking summer job. I'd love it if I didn't have to be a cashier at a grocery store because... i'd rather do something i enjoy, like work at a florist or pet shop. But then maybe I'm setting my sights too high.

2. Get this ridiculously awesome scholarship from a school I'd like to apply to. It is 80,000 dollars. It will be amazinggggg.

3. With that scholarship, possibly get a grant to study abroad, ideally in Japan.

4. Learning Japanese would be pretty crucial for this.

5. I'd like to lose about 20 pounds. *sigh* May not happen by the time I'd like it to.

6. Practice oboe and get in some lessons this summer. My stupid band director just gave the oboe solo in next year's MB show to a SOPHOMOREEE over a SENIOR. I'm so mad that he'd even consider that. Besides, the "blind audition" was totally fake; he'd actually pretty much told my mom he wanted me to play mallets instead. I'm not mad at anyone about it because I know it's best but still. God. It just isn't fair. So I need to step it up this year so she won't beat me anywhere else.

7. Finish the SAT prep course I have to do with my new tutor. I swear if I don't go up at least a hundred points my mom's going to kill me.

8. Recetly, I stumbled upon a "help wanted" for summer interns at Tofugu and I think I might seriously apply. I mean, blogging, Japanese, what better could it be? Of course, I have minimal knowledge about Japanese language, culture, etc. but maybe they'll let me write about my quest to teach myself Japanese. *sigh* Maybeee. I figure applying can't hurt. It's unpaid, but what the heck. Should I do it? Should I???? :o

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