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I hate, hate, HATE when artists get super famous. Because then they just start writing crap and try to become crowd pleasers. It's like... forcing art, which is not something you can do.

Take Owl City. A lovably crappy "band" to begin with - I mean, it's just Adam Young by himself. I mean don't get me wrong. Lots of his stuff sounds exactly the same (people say he ripped off the Postal Service- if they actually knew both bands they'd know how grossly incorrect that is) and I agree. But I love it just the same! His music was like my happy music and it was nice and all. I love love love Of June, Maybe I'm Dreaming, and Ocean Eyes.

When I bought All Things Bright and Beautiful, I didn't quite get what I signed up for. One, the title is pretty corny. And two... wtf are you doing bringing in rappers? And that breanna girl? Hello, I thought I signed up for some more of Adam Young awesomeness. I get the same feeling of "ugh" listening to this new album that I get when I listen to the American Top 40. This was like... musical diarrhea, to say the least. I'm sorry to say I didn't like his new album. It just isn't artful and heartfelt like his other albums. *sigh*


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