i love it when...

1. When mistakes are published and I can yell out that they're wrong and I'm right. Example 1: In the movie theatre they play the trivia thing before the movie, and it said Beyonce's first album was B'Day. Indeed it is actually Crazy in Love; I bought B'day when it came out- I was like twelve. Example 2: In City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, there exists the following quote: "True. I'd always hoped that when I finally said 'I love you' to a girl, she'd say 'I know' back, like Leia did to Han in Return of the Jedi." In actuality, it is Leia who says "I love you" and Han who says "I know" and it in fact takes place in The Empire Strikes Back. HA!!

2. When guys offer to carry you. I pretend to hate getting picked up but I actually love it. It makes me feel like a Disney Princess^^

3. My little sisters come to me with boy problems. I love the fact that they think I have wisdom in that area. My littlest sister in sixth grade came crying to me today that her crush is moving to Idaho (ummm randomm?) and she was all distraught and so I gave her a hug and put down my book and bought her some ice cream. I felt like a good sister. :)

4 . When I can fit my mini van into an impossibly tight space. Hells yeah for parking skillz.

5. When you draw something really, really good without meaning to. Like a doodle on a final exam. *sigh* I'll never get it back, but perhaps the teacher will appreciate it.

6. When karma kicks someone else in the ass who deserves it. HA!

I'm just in a very HA! mood kind of day if you're wondering.

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Searching Life said...

I love this :)

1=so true

2= I have never been in this position, much to my displeasure. But it is something I certainly fangirl over...

3= Surprisingly, makes me rather sad that I am an only child.

4=Awesome sauce! I belong to a small percentage of people turning 20...who only have their permit. I must say that I am envious of your skills.

5=My last math teacher sometimes gave partial credit. If my stick figures turned out better than I intended...yaaay for me.

6= AMEN! There are few things in this world that feel nearly as satisfying.


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