Oh, what the heck.

The staggeringly tiny number of books I've read this year is making me feel illiterate, so I think it's time for me to do something like enter one of these!

Timeline: July 1, 2010 - August 31, 2010

Levels: Remember swim classes? Thus our reading challenge levels!
* Tadpole - Read 4 books in this challenge.
* Minnow - Read 8 books in this challenge.
* Dolphin - Read 12 books in this challenge.
* Shark - Read 16+ books in this challenge!
So, because I'm lame and I might have trouble reading anything other than board books, I'm going to shoot for the minnow level. Especially considering I have band camp to meditate on somewhere in the middle of all that 0.o

And I'ma keep everything in this post, but I'll add all my read books to my own sidebar...

Et voila! ... et au revoir, I'm off to read a book now.


Searching Life said...

THIS IS AWESOME! I have to try this. I guess I should shoot for Minnow level too. D'Arvit, with the number of books I have already read this summer, Dolphin or maybe even shark (dare I push it?) would be a possibility. If I had seen this coming, I would have saved them!

Oh well, moving on...
Let me say, Scott Westerfeld is a literary genius. I am now on a Scott Westerfeld fixation. You may or may not have read some of his works already. I started with Leviathan. >http://www.wastedtalent.ca/comic/bonus-which-books-are-discussed

....yaaay steampunk

If you like historical fiction forensics stuff (which I oddly became a fan of), Mistress of the Art of Death is good. In short, it is centered around a woman who attended this first forensic/medical practitioner institute that saw women as equals in the field itself.

Even better would be Medicus. This one is set in the Roman Empire. A summary is found here because it is nearly 11, have VBS tomorrow, and that aside, I am just plain lazy.

I love the style of humor in Medicus. It is brilliantly executed to say the least. I would tell you one of my favorite scenes, but I don't want to give it away. (This is truly killing me inside.)

So, I know I have only technically listed three books, but all of them have at least a sequel or two. And I would say just about anything that I have read by Scott Westerfeld is fair game. Sadly, I read these all already, and I can't add them to my list.

*randomly checks stash of books rescued when moving out*
-I am Number Four
-The Thirteenth Tale
-The Book Thief
-Hunger Games Series
-Artemis Fowl Series
-Blue Blood Series (vampire books that are actually good)
-Night World Series (more vampire books that are actually good)

(As you can see, I do have several vampire books. In my defense, I am not really a huge fan of the genre, even though my collection would testify otherwise. Honestly, I just like having a back-up plan to deal with die-hard Twilight fanatics. I know that I am entering a touchy subject lol. But I personally think that the books are terrible and I like to have far better alternatives to prove my point.)

XD If you have read this far, I truly commend you. Thanks for hearing me out. If you have any book suggestions, they would be very much appreciated.

Cypress said...

Yeah, I have read Scott Westerfeld! He's my BFFL!!! I especially love uglies and all them. And Leviathan, too. I'll check out all those other books too.

While I'm here I'll comment on your other post- I bet we'd be pretty good friends too lol. when i read that post you recommended, I cried. so thanks. :DDDDD


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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