a fairy tale from cypressland.

This week I've had all these fairy tale images stuck in my head  begging me to either write them down or draw them or something.Most are from when I dreamed up this little fantasy world- I played in it every day when I was a kid. (and sometimes I still do.) They'd all be soooo great in stories, ja? But seeing as I'm rather unskilled at both writing and drawing this week due to lack of brain power from energy-sapping exams, they're just floating around my head and driving me insane.

It's kind of like when you get a wad of hair stuck in the drain. You kind of don't know it's there but it keeps messing up the drain, then it occurs to you that it exists, and you pull it out and you're kind of grossed out but in awe at the same time, like wow, I have that much hair?? and I'm not bald from losing it all?

It's like that.... mostly kindasorta.

So I'ma throw down my distracting little fantasy land here. here's a cluster of images stuck from my brain. Not in pretty pictures, not in pretty poems, and certainly not in any organized fashion.

Maybe you can write them or draw them. ^^

- Fish kites, like these-
- that you could ride on as they curl through the sky.
-Clouds that you could bounce on and hide in and rainbows that you could slide back to earth on.
- A horse that talks. He happily gives you rides, and his back can even stretch so you can bring friends.
- A fish disguised as a girl that disappears when you realize what she is.
- A man that is actually a fox.. and a fox, that is actually a fox.
- Invisible walls that stretch to the sky - you can only find the door by knocking along the bottom.
- A giant paper dragon that can't breathe fire because it'll burn itself, but it tricks people into thinking that it can.
- A mysterious old mask maker. By putting on a different mask, you become someone, or something, else entirely.
- Trees that bend over to form arches are actually portals.
- Cats with lantern eyes and lots of tails.
- Listening to a music box that will pause time.
- Magic boots that guide you to where you want to go.
- Huge fish that can fly on land.
- prehistoric animals that are actually real. Before the dinosaurs. Like, Devonian, Ordovician, etc. fish fish fish fish fish. i loved fish as a kid. still do. Fish are like... magic in this fantasy world. Inside every magikarp, there is a frickin gyarados. Metaphorically speaking. Anyway...
- A forest- where the deeper you go, the smaller you get... or everything else gets bigger.
- puzzles and riddles and games.
- river spirits, forest spirits, sky spirits... mostly animism.
- fairies that dance in every flame.
- rocks that turn out to be dragon eggs.

so there's some random images. :/ now what right? haha.
oh, and i had an imaginary pet pangolin as a kid.
Ca- yutieeeeeee! :)

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