closed door, open window

"I’m scared.

I often get the feeling that I should pack a duffel bag and run away from home. But I have no money or means of transportation, and I would easy be caught by the cops because they’re already suspicious of random teenagers roaming the streets, especially with duffel bags.

Policeman: Where are you headed?

Me: The heavens.

I’m too young, too naive, and I fall in love with every boy that even glances at me. Yeah, being human is complicated, being a teenage girl is Rubik’s cube level of difficulty.

Good thing I’m able to get one side."


Tania said...

Awww. Did you write this or what?

Confuzzled said...

I know how you feel.

Just hold on. You'll get through it.

Taylor said...

I've had this before....And almost acted on it...

*sigh* You know where to come, babe.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

Well, I see you've just had the imponderable joy of stumbling onto the blog of an 18-year-old girl who can't really describe herself in 500 words or less, such as in little text boxes like these. She didn't intend her blog to really become so much like her online diary (she was hoping it would have an interesting, helpful purpose to serve the world and all) but blogging is just kind of fun. This girl's a bit of an environmentalist and a full-tilt vegetarian, a bit of an artist who can't draw, a bit of a writer who can't find time to read, and a completely hopeless romantic. She enjoys white chocolate, coloring, wading in creeks, music, Doctor Who, and speaking in third-person when it's unnecessary like this.

Now go read the rest of the blog and meet her, if you like of course. :)