Well... I went finally to Marsh Woodwinds to get my oboe fixed and Rodney was there (well, he always is, after all he is the owner) and so was Jacob. And they fixed my oboe and la de da...

We talked about music.

Some interesting points Rodney made...

Classical music, sadly, just cannot compete with hip hop. It's like, people will blast their basses and their hip hop and rap at stoplights and whatever and make you feel like you want to tear your hair out or something. He said that blaring classical or jazz is good too. After all, your bass speakers will still most definitely be thumping. He said there's a certain charm to baroque, romantic, and classical music. (Those are three of the periods that classical music is divided into- right now we're in the contemporary period.)

And Rodney said that if he ever meets one guy who is blaring classical music in his car, he says he will put his car in park, get out, walk all the way around, and shake the guy's hand.

I'm going to be one of those people... anyone want to join? XP

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