my brain is melting 0_o

I got home from school today, ate a bowl of cheerios, sat down and watched like three episodes of People's Court because nothing else was on. Got online, checked my email, spent like an hour on gaia doing absolutely nothing, and then I went and looked up pictures of "Epic Fails" because a certain post in the GD inspired me to.

Now that I've wasted nearly three hours of my life on this crap.

I can feel my brain melting for sitting here so long, seeing all the stupid people in the world. I mean, suing each other for stupid things like holding their stuff while they were in jail and God forbid, actually using it. Wow. And dogs running into trees and people faceplanting on trampolines.

I swear, the human race is so stupid.

And my brain is melting. Stupid intenet. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I think I need a new adjective.

A new life.

And a new brain that just melted.

Well, at least if my brain's melted, I can't think about anything. Which is good. Because if you can't think about it then it's not a problem really. Twisted logic. *sigh*


Shinichi-kun said...

whats you're gaia? internet has melted my brain long ago to the point where it doesn't matter lol

Taylor said...


I haven't been on Gaia in forever...There's nothing to do anymore, but make virtual puzzles, haha.

Don't worry, I'm fairly sure your brain will de-melt itself.

Would that be freezing?


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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