Questions, part 3

11. What bores you? What always bores you, and what never bores you?
What bores me is... Not doing anything. I can take monotony, as long as I stay busy. It sucks but it's fine. What bores me the most is when I'm just sitting and waiting for something to happen or some day to come. It drives me up a wall. Hm... what always bores me... It's not that waiting bores me. It's just that having absolutely nothing to do bores me. No, it's being stuck in the same place day in and day out that bores me! If I ever went to jail, I'd probably die. They'd have to put me to work or give me lots of books, or I'd just die. Which is why I plan on never getting in trouble with the law. So yeah. I hate summer sometimes because I just get stuck at my house, and I have to go out and drive to the city so my world stps feeling so cramped. Oey. I'd hate not being able to stretch out. I guess I have a big fat wanderlust bug.

12. How important is money to you? How much time do you spend thinking about it, and what income level do you aspire to?
I honestly don't give a shit about money. I know people are supposed to say that if they want to sound like nice good people, but I honestly don't care at all. I'm not a materialistic person. I can live in a cardboard box and be happy as long as I'm with the people I love doing the stuff that I love. My parents think I'm crazy, but all the careers I'm interested in (writing, arts, or marine science or ecology or whatever) have itsy bitsy paychecks, and the guy I'm interested in wants to join the military. So basically we'd be poor. And I'd be fine with that. As long as we're together. Do I want money for my kids? Someday, yeah, maybe I'll get a real job (which would mean sitting in an office all day... boorrriiinnggg...) but until then... I make do with less, which is actually how I'm happier. I prefer thrifting. When I spend too much, I feel guilty anyway.

13. What is the role of God in your life? Do you believe there is a God, and if so, what is God like in relation to you?
God is an important figure in my life. I spend a lot of time thinking about my religion. But I just realized I have to turn in a chapter study guide tomorrow that I forgot so I'm rushing a bit. Instead, you can dip your toes into this post if you'd really like to know.

14. In order, what are your three strongest interests?
Oh my gosh in order. 0.o Hobbywise? Hm. Nature, art, philanthropy. those are really broad.

15. Who is your biggest enemy, and precisely how and why did this person become your enemy?
I've never had an "enemy," so to speak, until this year, and it's freaking me out a bit that I am actually capable of kind of hating someone. All my entire life I made it a point to be nice to everyone and have no enemies. So that's a bit sad. Anyway, she was my rival candidate for section leader. All throughout my sophomore year, in pit, she was always like, "oh yeah, when I'm section leader next year, blah blah blah," and she always acted so superior to me, and I kind of shrank into the corner, not wanting to step on her toes like, hey... i'm thinking I might try out too. When I made it over her, she got all upset and didn't talk to me for a week, adn her mom pitched a fit so the drum instructor made up this bullshit position called "Equipment Manager" so she could steal my job legally, basically, she just was in charge of putting all the mallets in this box and got super possessive over its key. She would get super offended when I knew how to fix something and she didn't and I'd just do it. She was totally useless and fought me every step. I felt sorry for her, but I didn't have time to teach her how to do her job to just watch her neglect her responsibilities. Even the drum instructor confidentially told me he regrets it and it was a mess. She ended up switching sections when she couldn't get over herself. And now we're stuck in AP Bio together and I have to pretend to be friendly. It's awful. But she's the only person I've legit ever hated because she was just so mean to me and spread rumors and just did bitchy stuff. Gah.

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The Conductor said...

Life=confusing, right?


My thoughts:

11. You know I believe only boring people get bored. But we all get bored. We're all a little boring. But letting your mind wander can be so interesting. Do it sometime, and when you think about it, stop. See where you end up. ;) it's nuts. "how'd i get there!"

12. You'll find a career path you love. People in the military actually make a shit load and retire really early. I don't exactly think it's for everyone, but it can be good for some people. And here's what I've learned about the workforce: you can find a way to love anything. You could teach biology, but you could write for a witty science magazine. You're fulfilling two major dreams. You know? There are so many ways. And you'll learn all about them in college. So don't get too far ahead of yourself. And money. :P I'm going into social work, into a field that requires a doctoral degree. I'll be broke forever.

13. we've discussed this :)

14. it's hard to pin it down, isn't it?

15. Oh, girl. I have those girls too. That you hate, but you hate to hate because you know they must be a mess. Don't EVER forget: everyone is the way they are for a reason. No one ends up being a bitch without some heartache in their life. Think about the times you were bitchy. What was going on? Someone that's always bitchy is always feeling that way for one reason or another. That's important to know. But regardless: I have those girls I hate, too. And drama sucks. It makes your stomach hurt. It rules your life. Give it no power. Stay above it. You are bigger than it. Always speak kindly and love wholly.


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