very bad karma.

Basically if it hadn't already happened I would have had my innocence destroyed today.

First I had to wake up at 5:30 to be at the marching band yard sale at 6. It was cold and rainy, and it's still cold and rainy. I woke up to find my beloved pet fishy dead, and, not having the energy to bury him (in the rain mind you) I flushed him unceremoniously down the toilet. It was bad.

Second, I have to deal with they guy who I kindasorta love telling me how much he's into his girlfriend.

Third, I had to work 11-3, and I have to go back again for 5-9. Got my first paycheck though, which is serving as a huge amount of motivation.

Fourth, some d-bag stole my iPod right out of my car! I'm so mad! Who the fuck does that? I hid it an everything, but so stupidly, I have one of those things where you put some thing into your tape player and it connects to an iPod, and I had that, and dumbly forgot to disconnect it so wham. No more iPod and that's how I'm spending my first paycheck. Only my dad's making me save half so I get to go for several months with no iPod. FMLLLLL!

So basically... I'm no longer allowed to believe that the world is an inherently nice place and everyone dies, and your hard earned money can just slip down the drain, and no matter how many good things you do, bad shit will still happen to you.
What a shitty life lesson to learn.

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The Conductor said...

Awww. We all have those days! That's shitty. :( Poor girl.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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