rant on imitation meat.

My mom  insists on buying fake meat products for me. I'm not talking about stuff like seitan, tofu, or bean/rice patties instead of burgers, I mean like... fake meat crumbles. And those make me feel sick. I became a vegetarian because meat and the whole idea of it grosses me out. I don't want to be reminded of it. All that processed crap just sits in your stomach, laughing at you. Ughhhh. The texture is just like meat. Yuck. You eat it just like non-vegetarians. It. Is. Disgusting. And she gets so offended when I say I don't like it, and she's like, tough, we put up with your lifestyle, so you put up with what we buy you. Okay, okay, I can understand that. But she keeps buying it. Why would you do that if it costs more money than buying solid vegetables. Gahhhhhhhhh. It's so annoying!

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Searching Life said...

XD Maybe you are more like my fraternal twin; I am an extreme carnivore.

My best friend's mom became a vegtan not to long ago. It seems very expensive. A week's worth of her vegan food along cost more money than it cost to feed the three meat-eaters in the family for an entire month.

However, my friend was able to cook fake meat for her sister and father and both thought that it was real. Then they thought "this stuff really isn't healthy for us...we should eat that fake meat". Oh the irony.


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