Why being a geek is good :D

So, since life is feeling kind of listless (pun intended... sorry) lately, I figure I'll make another list.

1. You save money. Instead of blowing it all on mall visits and gas and stuff, you stay home watching anime and reading books. Free!
2. You know exactly what it is that you like. Sometimes when people ask kids my age what they want to do when they grow up, and they just shrug. See I know. Nerds/geeks/whatever you call them know their interests.
3. You can actually stand apart from the crowd and have a little individualism.
4. You don't have to pretend to not care about school and stuff, so you can actually learn something from the class.
5. You can actually change society by following your passions instead of going out and partying all the time.
6. With less friends, you suffer less drama.
7. You don't listen to all that 'mainstream' radio where they cycle through the same eight songs every hour. You actually listen to legitimate and good music.
8. You're free to think for yourself and if anyone judges you, who cares.
9. You're more passionate about things, which makes for more interesting discussion that 'what he said in this one text' or 'who stopped talking to whom.'
10. You never go to bed alone. :) (books der)
11. Learning to ignore haters will make you much tougher and help you deal with difficult people in the future.
12. You're probably sweet and not a shallow douche whorebag slutface.
13. You're probably less tempted by drugs and alcohol and other stuff that can mess up your life.
14. Your friendships are more likely to be genuine.
15. You have a blog. Or you read my blog. Which is good and produces a long cycle of happiness ^u^
16. From all that reading, you have an expanded vocabulary which is good for BSing essays and raping the SAT.
17. You don't need to pour hundreds of dollars into your appearance because you're deeper than that.

...yeah, if you're wondering, I'm sick of the high school clique hierarchy miniculture.


Shinichi-kun said...

Well, idk how true that first one is lol. I've blown over 200 in the last 4 weeks on magic cards, and then there's all the awesome t-shirts, and movies, and cons, etc etc.

on a completely separate note I need to start using the term shallow douche whorebag slutface more often.

and when it comes to number 13 I wish that were more true, I've lost quite a few friends who started to do drugs as well as other things, I have a very anti drugs stance and unfortunately for me, a lot of my friends don't see eye to eye with that.

Searching Life said...

:D SO true. By the way, my real life friend now wants to send you a virtual hung (16 made her smile).

I am not entirly sure about the first one either. Arond 7th grade, I started to get $10 a week. And so every week I would make a book store run.

Since I had to move out of my house, my temporary room is now carpeted with piles and piles of books. It is ... kinda scary. I have nearly 300 volumes of manga alone, which is rather insane.

Not to mention, I spent over $250 at a single anime convention (sadly, not including the ticket). Fandom really adds up.

I still worry about being judged somtimes.

On the positive side, my friendships are genuine. Everyone has things that they struggle with. But because my friends can me real with me and I can be open about things with them, it is not nearly as much of a struggle. We don't have to go through them alone. This doesn't work so well in shallow relationships. I am so greatful to have been blessed with the friends that I have.


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