j'adore le printemps, chapitre un

 It means, "I love spring- chapter 1." :) I plan on taking lots of pictures because I forgot how much I love this time of year, when one evening the world is grey and the next morning it's glowing in a faint veil of pastel colored buds. :3

And here for you is a video that is a compilation of all these videos I took when I went to the creek behind my neighborhood. The place where I sat had these beautiful trees but unfortunately they're like right on a road, and like a hop skip and a jump from the highway, so you hear cars. But I left in all the original sound so you do hear running water and bees and birdies!  I love shots of trees swaying in the breeze. Enjoy!!

well, maybe, it didn't quite load and I'm too lazy to wait for it. *sigh*

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