My To-Do List

I can't help it, sometimes when I'm stressed I just make a few lists to help sort out my thoughts.

Tew Dew -

-Go volunteer at the library from 10-12.
-Take my oboe and my sister's bassoon to go see Rodney! I've got a broken trill key I need for a recording and she needs a new pad for a key.
-Finish the recording of my solo. X_x it's hard... and it's a massive part of my band exam grade.
-Finish my biology project, with no idea how long it will take. Requires writing, printing, cutting, cutting, pasting, coloring, and that sort of thing.
-Help my dad in the garden. It's frickin' hot too.
-Study for my band exam, which was moved to monday.
-Study for my biology exam, which I believe is thursday.
-Study for my health exam, which is on friday. Thank goodness I'm done with that stupid pacer test. They grade you for how many laps you can run around the gym. Idiots.
-Study for my English exam on monday- the next one. At least I think it is on monday... or maybe I'm just messed up, which is very, very possible.


This whole week has just been one big groan. I am so ready for school to be over.

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