This world is cruel

I just found out my shampoo has caprylic triglyceride, lecithin, and glycerin.

Let me fill you in.

Caprylic triglyceride is a liquid fatty acid from either cow or goat milk. Lecithin comes from nervous tissues. Glycerin is generally animal fat- since it's a byproduct of soap manufacture.

This is so frustrating. Isn't there anything in the world that doesn't kill animals so we can have it? Some way or another something dies! It could be completely plant based, but how many animals were hit by the truck that drove it to the store? How many bugs were swatted away while the plants were harvested? And how many died on the windshield? How many plants and bugs were stepped on on the way?

Sometimes I wish humans could just be filled with chlorophyll and all that and just stand out in the sun and make our own freaking food instead of eating everything else.

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