I really do think the world is going to end in 2012. Someone out there seriously must want us all to die.

We could die by the following ways:

-Drowning. Apparently, some huge ice chunk just broke off of Antarctica or something.

-Getting nuked by North Korea. Enough said.

-Or getting blown up by the Taliban, which is in process of blowing up Pakistan.

-Suffocation. Our air is so bad. I just read that 60% of Americans live in places where the air quality is so bad that it could actually be stunting growth. 0_o

-Obesity. McDonald's will kill us all.

-Swine flu. Apparently some poor little toddler died. But my racist parents say he was in Mexico and they just brought him over the border and said he was American. RACISTS.

-Death by African pirates! Haven't you read the news? Now the Somali dudes are after an Italian ship!

-Economy crash. We'll all be so poor we'll be eating our own shit, according to my extremely pessimistic father. He thinks the American car industry is going to crash, but the scary thing is, he could be right.

-Straight-people meltdown. New Hampshire is allowing gay marriage. Some people are just so closed-minded and can't accept that.

-High gas prices. When I finally get my own car, I'm going to be too poor to actually drive it. It's looking better this year than last year though.

-Death by Asia. The fighting over there, over the whole continent, is just horrible. I hope it never comes here and it stops there.

-Fire. Fire has been everywhere this year.

So, my dear friends, it is my belief that we are quite simply doomed.


Tania said...

Ahhh. And the thing is, everything that the Mayans predicted came true... and if something was off it was by seconds. It's so scary... o.o What if the world DOES end that day? O.O

But either way, Earth is pretty screwed up. xP

Taylor said...

Have I told you Eric and I's theory?

Our theory (our optomistic one, that is) is that the world will not END, but at one specific time every clock in the world will stop. So it'll be like time stopped, and the world ended, but it didn't, actually..

The only problem with this theory is time zones, but screw them. :p

Oh, and you forgot the gremlins screaming "fuck you!" and giving us the finger and blowing the entire world up.



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