My sisters are so weird. Here I am doing my world history homework, and I can hear them bickering downstairs.

"'You are an idiot' is different than 'you're being an idiot!'"
"I never called you an idiot!"
"Yuh-huh, yes you did!"
"You did too!"
"Yeah well now I'm going to call you an idiot because you're being one!"
"Wait, so I am an idiot or I'm being one?"
"Both, you idiot!"
"You're the idiot!"
"No, you're the idiot!"
"Am not!"
"Are too!"
"That's not nice!"
"Yeah, well, try getting called an idiot, you idiot!"
"You just called me an idiot! Stop calling me an idiot!"

Wow. Sisters. They kind of give the word idiot absolutely no meaning, and it kind of stops sounding less like a word and more like a simple noise with no meaning, like a grunt. *sigh*


Tay said...


Your sisters are odd. And the grunt thing made me laugh hysterically.

Like, seriously.

Anywho. At least your sisters feel a little bit of compassion for you. :[

Shmannie said...

omg, it's SO TRUE that if you repeat a word too many times, it loses meaning!!! try it. it works. I SWEAR. swear swear swear swear swear swear swear... see??


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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