Second Grade

Know what is funny?

I was actually popular in second grade. It was a good year for me. First grade was terrible, I was teased here and there, had a terrible teacher who patronized me at every possible moment. I was a few pounds overweight, bad at math, only a few friends, etc. The whole nine yards. Yeah. But second grade was a great change. I had a loving, gentle teacher and she coaxed me out of my shell one day around the third week of school and I became my elementary-school self again. Yup, bubbly, talkative, outgoing, all of the above.

And I met AS (not actually her name, but I'm paranoid and don't want any real names online *sighs* what can I say?), and we were best friends instantly. She was one of the most popular ones in the entire second grade. And she was so much fun to hang out with! We'd go over to each other's houses at least twice a week, and we were the best of friends.

Of course, I didn't realize that I was totally dumping... I don't know, whatever she goes by these days (Ponderosa/Icey/Lacking Inspiration/whatever). Yeah. I felt like a complete total bitch because I only realized this a few years ago and apologized then. but yeah, she stuck with me, which is very, very good. Thanks for that, I love you!


Pretty soon, I had it all. I lost weight, was best friends with the most popluar girl in school, made lots of friends, could sing (we entered the talent show with another girl singing something from the Sound of Music), jumped rope, star student, outgoing and friendly...

Second grade was so easy. My biggest problem was how on earth I was supposed to hold a pencil without dying when I sprained my wrist, or what happened to my jumprope that I left on the playground. So blissfully simple.

And I was happy. Not to mention in love with the cutest guy in the whole second grade, JR. We professed our undying love for each other on the bus ride home one day.

Isn't it funny how second grade works...

Here is what happened after second grade:

AS : AS and I were in different classes for third grade, but that was okay. We weren't as close as before but we were still very best friends. I still found friend-making easy, but that was thanks to her. In fourth grade we were in the same class again but it wasn't easy for us to be friends anymore. She'd changed, and she had started this Cheetah Girls club with three of her friends. I had no idea what this was, but she wouldn't ever tell me or show me a CD of their music or anything, and they would not let me into the club. She apologized profusely, saying that they (she) would soooo let me in if there was a fifth cheetah girl. Right. One day she sent me a note asking why I wasn't talking to her and I pretty much died. I called her like every single day. I wasn't really sure what happened, but we just stopped being friends. Thankfully, just at the right time, a new girl named KR stepped in to help me understand what was going on. I just felt like I was falling and spinning and didn't know which way was up. To this day I still don't know what happened.

My jump rope : One day, a few weeks later, I found it twisted on a swing. Problem solved.

Sprained wrist : It healed in time.

JR : After we professed our undying love nestled deep into a bus seat (stop having dirty thoughts, we were in second grade and there was no dirtiness involved, GOD!), he got off at the stop before mine. And I have no idea why, but we didn't speak again until high school freshman year, when we were in the same section in marching band. I don't even know if he remembers any of this, but I'm not about to ask him. I do remember, obviously, because I was so mad that he didn't kiss me. =) I wrote that down in my little diary I kept for second grade year. In green pen. (Yes, I flipped through it yesterday. And decided to write this on my blog.)

Life was so easy in second grade. Today I came home in an emo mood with no idea why... But whatever. Think of lovely second grade, what different turns could my life have taken? If I stayed friends with one of the most popular girls in the grade. If I had been the one to kiss JR and not hoped he would be the one to make the move. If AS and I had been in the same class, if KR hadn't come along to save me...

I just wonder about these things, sometimes, lying in bed at two-thirty in the morning...


Tay said...

This really makes me wish that I kept/keep a diary. :p

And JR...would that be DD? I know who AS is...(Shall we add another S? :p, na, I won't be THAT mean.)

Anywho, I forgive you. I understand about the moving to other people thing. She gave you popularity, which every person needs to experience SOME time. I gave you a shoulder if you needed it, which you came back to eventually. It's all good. Besides, I can't even remember that far back!

Shmannie said...

AS... A... S... do i know her? is she at G... our school? (sorry. no stalking allowed!!)

Cypress said...

Yeah, she is.

Taylor said...

She IS? Ouch.


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