roll the dice

And, here I am, wondering what the hell life is going to deal me next.

My life isn't bad really, but I'm not about to say it's perfect either. It's a game of chance, and it's all determined by some fool pulling levers and pressing buttons behind a green curtain. *omgomgogmomgomgommg literature reference ooooooo 0_o*

Life IS a whole lot like the Wizard of Oz. It's full of witches and winding roads, and a ragtag group of friends who attach themselves to you and will love you no matter what. There's the sparkling cities in the distance, the ever-enduring thrill of the chase to one day get what you want. There's the good witches of the north who grant you a little help and quick alliance when you need it, but disappear as quickly as they come.

And you wake up... and was it all a dream?

Yesterday I went to this guitar center a few minutes down the road, searching for a part-time job or something. And I found the guy and went in, and we talked for a while. Then the other shop owner walked in and asked if the Odyssey was our car. I told him that yes, it was. He commented on the horse sticker and asked if I rode horses.

I said that no, my sisters did. And my mother smiled and told them what fun times they had at the stables. It might have been sarcasm, but surprisingly I couldn't tell.

So it turns out the owner I was talking to first happened to have three horses of his own, and my mother jumps to it: "Do they need to be exercised? I'm sure my twelve-year-old would be more than happy to help."

And the encounter ends goes as so. I go in to look for a job, they said that they don't have any positions open that pay but maybe they could take me as a job shadow, even though they already have one. My mother and I find out that this guy has horses and she throws my sisters' names in the hat for helping out. He says his wife will give my sister a call about a horse gig. He says he'll give me a call about a job at the guitar store.

He didn't call.


Of course everything I get at fourteen, my younger sisters get almost everything I do at their age. I waited for a cell phone forever, the same day I got a real phone, they did too. They are twelve and nine. Ugh. Same with lots of stuff, curfews, extra-special privileges... ugh. Ugh. Just... ugh.

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Taylor said...

Life IS like the Wizard of Oz...I agree. But you did forget one vital piece of information - Life is CORNY AS HELL!


Don't worry about the sister deal. Does it really matter in the long term? Not really. I know it bugs the crap out of you right now - same here with Kelly - but still...It's just one more bump in the road that you have to ignore and keep driving over.

Happy Christmas!


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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