There's a first time for everything 5: Prom

 (I'm on the right, in purple.)
Well, in a word. Disappointing.

I mean I didn't have a bad time.
Here's all the things that went well.
-We had a really good dinner at Ginza.
-We had a personal stylist actually come to our house to do our makeup (for me and my sister) and she did our hair too. How sick is that?
-Our dates spent a shit ton of money on us.
-My sister's date, Michael, drove us in his hilarious car, which is a red minivan we call Republivan for all the republican stickers on the back of it. He has a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from his rear view mirror, and a giant penis is like engraved on his windshield (we scrubbed it, but there's always gonna be a thin reflective spot haha), and he put glow sticks on the inside of it on the ceiling. He was secretly afraid we'd be upset at that, but I thought it was hilarious and I honestly didn't want to go any other way.
-A lot of people told me I looked really pretty.

In reality, I felt horrendously awkward. I had no idea what to do. I'd never worn so many sparkles in my life.
I was just about to say that Colin calls me nature girl, since I walk around barefoot all the time not giving a shit.

Which brings me to my next point. Now don't get me wrong. I was happy go to with Ben. I thought it would be low pressure. My parents wanted me to kiss him. They were shocked when I said I didn't. Um. I'm sorry, but no, I'm not going to kiss him.

When we got to prom, it was really lame. No one was really dancing, just grinding. The music wasn't very loud and it just kind of sucked. We awkwardly sat around, looking for our friends, kind of dancing, for like an hour and a half, hoping it would get better, but it didn't, so we left. And we went to go see Avengers, in our prom clothes. Oh, the stares we got. Add that to the good things list:)
But Ben put his arm around me halfway through. Ohhh that was soooo awkward. His hands are even sweatier than mine, which I didn't think was possible. I snuggled back up to him, just to be nice. I mean he did spend a shitload of money on me. And then he did this horrifyingly awkward arm stroke thing from time to time and I was like oh god please stop.

My parents and my sister both think he's "sweet on me." I was like... shit.
I don't like him back.
I'm stuck.

People I told about him think it's so bad, I need to terminate contact with him, and get the fuck over him immediately. Look, I wouldn't spend time with him if I thought he was a bad person. I'm really sick of people being like, oh, get out, he doesn't deserve you. Whatever. I'm my own fucking person and I can like who I like thank you. But anyway. The whole night I didn't really see him. His crazy ass girlfriend flounced over like three times, told me I look pretty, then ran away giggling.
Uh, whatever.

After we realized that prom was lame and wouldn't improve, and after we left for Avengers, we went to Mike's house. Our plan originally was to bring tablecloths, candlesticks, and like vases with flowers and go to Waffle House and outclass everyone there, but no one was hungry. So we went to Mike's house and played COD. By then it was like 3 am, and we were tired, so we all just slept there. Me and Caity (my sister) shared a bed in his autistic brother's room, who was at his grandmother's. And we woke up to find that our parents had stopped by with clothes for us (we borrowed some haha) and Bojangles. And then we went home and now I'm here. Studying for the AP bio exam that I have tomorrow. Woo-fucking-hoo.

So yeah. Prom was anticlimactic and kind of disappointing, but at least I did it.

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