Cypress's Feelings About Prom: The Animated Series

A series of annoying gif's that are crazy and will make you dizzy because this is how i feel today.

If Ben likes me.

Wondering what the fuck to do when he put his arm around me.

When Kelsey shows up in Colin's convertible, and he puts his arm around her.

How boutonnieres went. Seriously those things should come with a manual.

How I felt the whole night while trying to look cute.

What my dancing was like. 

Telling people that prom was the night of my life.

Looking at pictures of myself from last night.

Everything conversation between me and Colin.

Going to the movies in a prom dress.

When prom turned out to be lame.

When Ben looked at me romantically.

I left from prom and none of my girlfriends noticed.

My parents are like, you're quiet. prom was great, right? Or did something go wrong?

Why can't I figure myself out.

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Madeline Webster said...

This was a bit entertaining. :D Girl. Chill. Collin has lost it. You can keep dwelling over him, but there's a chance you're really going to like this kid WHO LIKES YOU BACK but you're too fixated on someone who is making himself unattainable for whatever reason.

Is there a chance you're just so afraid of a relationship that you're willing to moon over some deity and lose something you may actually enjoy? It's only for like... a summer anyway. I think if Collin decided to be with you, you'd sabotage it because you're so scared of seeming undesirable to a boy.

I'm speaking from experience here, girl. I experimented outside of Drew, and although they weren't the best decisions of my life, I don't regret them. Because I took a chance. And at least I know where I stand. You're never going to really know unless you allow yourself to be happy without him, be happy with someone else, and then you may fall in love with him all over again...

But if you don't... that's okay too. He may just not be the guy for you--and you're so scared of something that might work. I don't know him and I don't know how well you'd work together. Completely out of context. I'm just saying that it can't hurt any to indulge him a little. Worst case scenario, it doesn't work--and if he breaks up with you you can be all "I didn't think it would work anyway!" and if you break up with him you can just say you want to go into college free. Which should be true anyway.

let him go.

You can do it.



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