Things, Part 7: More stupid little things that make me happy

1. Singing in the car.
2. Thinking about aliens.
3. Long walks.
4. Looking for four leaf clovers, finding them, and brushing off everyone's amazement ;)
5. The B Dorian scale.
6. The first four hours of wearing high heels.
7. Folding paper cranes.
8. The feeling you get when you sit back to look at something you just cleaned/worked hard on.
9. Mindless video games.
10. Starcraft.
11. Doctor Who.
12. Text messaging until I fall asleep.
13. Getting away with breaking rules.
14. Tea.
15. Springtime.
16. Sitting on the back deck in the sun.
17. Cherry-themed accessories.
18. Soft blankets fresh out of the dryer.
19. Lava lamps.
20. Constellations.
21. Water sparkling and glowing in sunlight.
22. The green haze that fuzzes over trees in spring.
23. Telescopes.
24. Tardis-themed things.
25. Strings of lights.
26. Giggling and being embarrassed, but then having someone tell me it's cute.
27. Watching awkward, happy couples.
28. Bubble wrap.
29. Pokemon.
30. Listening to a really good song for the first time.
31. Rediscovering an old favorite thing.

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