There's A First Time For Everything 3: Waking up next to a guy.

This also is not as awesome as it sounds. Actually, it was me, him, and my friend in the same bed, and he just slept in the middle and her, being very flirty and closer (like that) to him than me, snuggled up to him all night.

Oh, this would take forever to explain but here, since I'm bored.

This weekend we had a winter drum line competition and had to stay two nights in a hotel. So the last night, after we had performed and all, it was like midnight in the hotel and I couldn't find my friend Kaitlin (the one who I was sharing a bed with). So I was like texting her to see where she was. But then I got all these garbled text message replies like, "lol i cn;t ewaon etpzxt rite now" or "vawodka iz hje bcest" So I kind of was like... what? I didn't think she was being serious.
And then she called to tell me that a bunch of the drum line guys had stolen her phone and I asked if they were drinking and she said, "haha not yet."

Update on where the chaperones were: probably sleeping. drum line competitions are so much chiller than marching band cause no one gives a shit. Of course there's no alcohol or whatever allowed and girls and guys can't enter each other's rooms.

So then I think they did drink maybe, but most of the guys in that room just randomly started awkwardly crawling into bed half naked, so Kaitlin and Brian left. Brian is the center snare; i've known him forever. He kind of liked her and they almost dated. It's just that Brian's a complicated character to explain and so is Kaitlin. This'll sound superficial, but he honestly just wanted to mess around a little and have fun, since it's senior year and he's going to Michigan (a longgggggg drive from here). And she was more into a relationship since she's so afraid of getting used. That's almost happened to her a lot. So obviously, it didn't work, but they're kind of... let's say beneficial. And, Kaitlin's really flirty and will snuggle up to almost any guy who will let her.

Anyway they came up to our room and we (and our four roommates) talked on the beds until like 3 am. And we started falling asleep. Then Brian got up to leave, but he came back a few minutes later because this annoying kid had taken his bed since he wasn't there and he was like, oh hell no I'm not snuggling up to him. So he snuggled up between two girls like a pimp.

It was a little awkward. I've known this guy since we were... oh, gosh, middle schoolers? and i woke up next to him in the morning.

Again, I don't have pictures. Cause that's creepy as fuck. This whole take pictures thing is not working.

Anyway, now to the slightly deeper part of this... i really want a guy who will pick me to snuggle up with. Someone not creepy, please.


The Conductor said...

Haha, that WOULD be creepy as fuck. ;) But hysterical.

You know what, lady? I think that was kind of a big thing for you. But make sure that when you do snuggle with someone it's for all the right reasons. Not just because they're willing.

Cypress said...

Oh.. actually, he snuggled with Kaitlin, not me. I was there on the edge awkwardly. Hahaha but i get what you mean :)


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